Executive Establishment


The duties of an executive are very demanding. Very, very few people naturally have all the abilities needed to be a completely successful executive. Yet this vital role must be filled and filled competently and effectively. Organisation Technology, through one-on-one guidance, drilling and training can increase the skill base and ability of any executive.


Hubbard Management Tool used


Ability Gained
Executive Establishment Drills An executive who is not backed off from acting and who can control and direct his juniors competently with high affinity and who can gain strong agreement from his staff with management’s plans.


Product Knowledge An executive who totally understands the results he must obtain and who knows exactly how to go about obtaining those results.


Key word Knowledge An executive who has no confusion or lack of understanding of the materials and terms relating to his duties.


Personal Purpose Understanding An executive who is certain that his duties fully suit his personality, interests and skills.


Tailored Management Training An executive who has the knowledge and skill required in all areas of his management duties.


Personal Values Program An executive who can confront and handle all aspects of his position and who can confront and manage every one of his staff members.